A Date is the 3rd chapter of The Hunter of Fenaur. It debuted in March 2017.

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Iris Falco and Thistle have their "date." However, the date ends badly when Iris pushes for Thistle's help to find Dezar, causing Iris to have arrange another meeting via the brothel Thistle works at.

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As Iris and Thistle look over their menus, Thistle comments how everything is expensive, particularly mentioning Strawberry Cake and Pansket. As their server comes by, Iris whispers to them and orders for both himself and Thistle. To Thistle's confusion and surprise, the items he read aloud are brought. Thistle inquires if this is some elaborate ruse to obtain his "services," to which Iris denies. Shyly, Thistle takes a bite, and is overwhelmed by how delicious the food is.

Iris, fully watching Thistle, wonders how Thistle looks like his target, Dezar, but doesn't fit the profile. Curiously, he asks if Thistle has ever heard of Dezar because of their similar features. After choking on his food for a moment, Thistle confirms he's heard of Dezar; however, Thistle claims he is an orphan so wouldn't know about a familial relationship. Thinking there could be a connection, Iris flat out asks for Thistle's help, offering Thistle money to do so. However, Thistle rejects the offer and tries to go back to eating cake. Discontent, Iris continues to push the issue, pointing out Thistle's sad expressions do not denote Thistle is happy with his life as Thistle pretends. Angered by Iris' words, Thistle grabs the cake and leaves.

In the evening, Iris calls Rose Village Bar and Brothel and arranges "services" for Thistle. As Iris ponders the day, he vows to find both Dezar and his missing uncle.

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