Kai is a minor character who appears in the Chronicles of Fenaur. He is Tai's older brother and currently under the care of Kopheru.

Appearance Edit

Kai is depicted as a sickly man with light skin. He has long white hair that have some side sweeping bangs and pink colored eyes. On top of his head are two dog ears that blend fairly well with his hair. On his left cheek is a little star symbol. Outfit wise he's seen wearing a simple long-sleeved loose top, a dark (possible) skirt or blanket, and plain dark shoes.

Personality Edit

Kai is shown to be relatively quiet, not saying much when Kopheru comes to visit him. However, he also has a someone sarcastic humor that he lets show despite the circumstances. Given his facial expressions, he could also be described as somewhat sorrowful.

Abilities Edit

Ice Powers Edit

Kai is mentioned to have ice powers, but the extent of their power is unknown at the moment.

Comic Depictions Edit

Backstory Edit

Kopheru mentions that he, Tai, and Kai were extremely close in the past.

Chronicles of Fenaur Edit

Kai is seen briefly in the Chronicles of Fenaur when Kopheru comes to visit him. There, Kai is seen in a human sized tank, and Kopheru informs him it's time for Kai to exercise. Kai briefly glances at Jamie, which causes Jamie to hide behind a wall.

Relationships Edit

Tai Colnes Edit

As mentioned, Kai and Tai are said to be very close. Though the two haven't interacted, it can be assumed they have a strong bond as brothers.

Kopheru Prysm Edit

Kai and Kopheru are shown to be fairly close. Despite the time consumption, Kopheru takes time to take care of Kai. Kai is shown to be comfortable enough around Kopheru to be a bit sarcastic.

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